Itergalactic Trading Conglomerate

Once a formidable force in the cosmos, the ITC spanned across star systems, facilitating trade, commerce, and resource exchange on an interstellar scale. Their vast fleet of cargo ships crisscrossed the galaxy, shuttling goods, technology, and cultural artifacts from one corner of the universe to another. The ITC was renowned for its efficiency, reliability and advanced technology.

The ITC's decline began with the Battle of the Merthra Pass System: a clash that left their once-mighty fleet battered and broken. Their ships, once adorned with gleaming insignias, now bore scars etched by laser fire and bullet holes. Trust eroded, and the ITC retreated into the abyss.

But they did not vanish. Instead, they morphed into something more sinister. Their surviving vessels, stripped of logos and identifiers, slithered through the void like predatory serpents. No longer bound by trade agreements or diplomatic niceties, the ITC became a rogue faction.

Their motto shifted from "From Ashes to Stars" to a whispered mantra: "Silence in survival". The ITC's leadership, veiled in secrecy, made ruthless decisions. They purged the weak, silenced dissenters, and embraced the shadows. Their cargo holds no longer carried routine goods; they smuggled forbidden artifacts, stolen technology, and enigmatic relics. The ITC's black-market dealings fuelled their survival.

Their base of operations shifted to a desolate asteroid, hidden behind a nebula's shimmering veil. There, they only plotted in dimply lit chambers, their eyes gleaming with averice. The remenants of the ITC were no longer merchants, they were predators. Cross their path, and you'd encounter silence, the eerie absence of distress signals. The ITC's vessels materialised like phantoms, their hulls painted as to mask the dreaded figures. They struck swiftly, plundering rival factions, dismantling rival trade routes, and vanishing before retailation could form.

Rumours circulated: the ITC had mastered forbidden technologies: cloaking devices, mind-altering algorithms. Their crews wore masks, their voices distorted. They left no survivors, only tales of ghostly encounters. The ITC's insignia, once a beacon of trust, now invoked dread.

And so, the Intergalactic Trading Conglomerate became a paradox: an enigma wrapped in stardust. Their legacy whispered across the void: "Beware the ITC. Their secrets and wrath knows no bounds".

for those who seek their services, approach with caution. The ITC thrives in darkness, and their silence is their deadliest weapon.

Dragos Division

The Dragos Division serves as the military arm of the organization, specializing in the development of combat-ready spacecraft and advanced weaponry. With a focus on ensuring security and protecting ITCs assets, the Dragos Division utilizes cutting-edge technology and strategic prowess to defend against potential threats and engage in interstellar conflicts when necessary. This elite division plays a crucial role in safeguarding the interests of the ITC and maintaining order in the Merthra Pass system.

Frameshift Enterprises

Frameshift Enterprises serves as the trade division of the organization, overseeing all aspects of trade, finances, and commercial contracts. With a focus on maximizing profitability and expansion of market reach, Frrameshift Enterprises engages in strategic partnerships, negotiates deals, and manages financial transactions to facilitate smooth and efficient trade operations across the Merthra Pass. Utilizing expertise in interstellar commerce and market dynamics, this division plays a vital role in driving economic growth, strengthening the ITC's position, ensuring the organization's long-term success in the competitive world of galactic trade.


Startech operates as the research division of the organization, focusing on the development of cutting-edge technologies and exploration efforts. With a dedication to innovation and scientific advancement, Startech is at the forefront of creating new technologies, conducting research in various fields, and exploring uncharted territories in the vast expanse of space. By pushing the boundaries of knowledge and expanding the horizons of possibilities, Startech plays a key role in driving progress, inspiring discovery, and shaping the future of the ITC and the galaxy at large.